Dr. Zhi Liang Huo, AP, OMD
(407) 679-5868

Dr. Dulce Maria Corrales, AP, ND(c)
Dr. Zhi Liang Huo, AP, OMD

Dr Huo graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1980. He
worked in the general hospital for ten years in Shanghai. Later, he was in charge of the
Acupuncture Trauma and Massage Department in Shanghai hospital. During these 28
years, he has worked in hospitals, clinics, research departments and he is the inventor of
Dr. Huo's Ointment and Parkinson formula and Mucus formula powder for treating all
kinds of difficult cases, especially, he is the inventor of a very special Acupuncture
technique called, “Dr Huo's Qi Gong 5 Needle Technique” with which he treats all types of
medical disorders, especially for Parkinson, epilepsy and seizures which is caused by Liver
Wind Stirring inside.

Dr. Huo has been invited worldwide to teach seminars instructing other physicians his
methods. Because of these achievements, Dr. Huo has been interviewed by radio,
television, newspapers, and medical magazines many times over, worldwide.

Dr. Huo is currently writing three books:  one on his now world famous
Dr. Huo's Qi Gong 5 Needle AcupunctureTechnique, the second book is on Trauma and
the third book is on Herbal Injection.

Dr. Dulce Maria Corrales, AP, ND(c)

Dr. Corrales graduated from Florida School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in
2001.  She has had her own practice since 2001 and has been teaching as a CEU provider
for the State of Florida for the last eight years and is an NCCAOM approved provider, as
well.  She has used body work techniques for the last sixteen years and her practice
combines both Eastern and Western modalities of treatment.   She is co-instructor with
Dr. Huo,  for the seminars listed on this website.